Pupil Attendance

attendenceRegular attendance at school is key to pupil progress and is important in developing pupil’s communication and participation in school life.

At Highshore we take a whole school approach to monitoring pupil attendance and it is the joint responsibility of parents, carers and school staff to ensure that our pupils attend school regularly. We do our best to work with families to make sure that any issues or circumstances which affect a pupil’s attendance are given attention and support.

If a pupil is absent parents/carers will receive a call from the school office that day. We encourage parents to be proactive and to let us know if their child is unable to attend school. Nancy Du Bois, our Family Worker, monitors pupil attendance and will contact parents/carers with any concerns for example, if a pattern of unauthorised absences emerges.

Religious Observance

Highshore recognises that there may be times when pupils of different faiths observe religious festivals and holy days that fall within term time. We allow authorised absences at these times. We ask that parents/carers give us written notification of these dates in advance.

Family Holidays and Extended Leave

Parents/carers should ensure that holidays are taken outside of term time. Parents/carers do not have the right to remove pupils during term time for this reason. Requests for leave of absence during term time should be made in writing to the Headteacher at least two weeks in advance.

Special Circumstances

In the case of special circumstances such as a family bereavement, that requires travel to another country, this will be taken into consideration. All requests for authorised absence will be responded to in writing. Parents should contact us immediately if there is a cause for delay in the pupil returning. If permission is not granted to extend the agreed leave this will be deemed as unauthorised absence.

We appreciate the support of parents/carers in working with us to ensure regular attendance at Highshore

Attendance Figures

2018/19 – 95.13%

2017/18 – 94.01%

2016/17 – 94.18%

2015/16 – 93.47%

2014/2015 – 93.65%

2013/2014 – 92.66%

2012/2013 – 91.10%

Average national attendance for special needs schools in 2014/15 was 91%

Unauthorised Absences

2018/19 – 0.42%

2017/18 – 0.91%

2016/17 – 1.06%

2015/16 – 1.17%

2014/15 – 1.27%

2013/14 – 1.75%

2012/13 – 0.75%

2011/12 – 1.80%



Pupils with 100% attendance

18/19 – 10 Pupils

2017/18 – 7 pupils

2016/17 – 11 Pupils

2015/16 – 12 Pupils

2014/15 – 13 Pupils

2013/14 – 7 Pupils

2012/13 – 1 Pupil