Breakfast & After School Clubs:

Highshore has a wide and varied clubs provision. We run preschool, lunchtime and after school clubs. We also have a developing holiday programme. There is no charge for our after school or holiday programmes.

We offer a wide range of exciting afterschool clubs for a whole-term.  These include Multi-sports Club, Fitness Club, Cycling Club, Music Club, Drama Club, Girls Club and Library Club. On Wednesday and Thursday there is an additional maths club for selected students.

Our clubs aim to promote health and well being for our students. Our fitness clubs have been very popular- which is great to see young people staying healthy and active.

Clubs are currently running in Key Stages, this is to reduce the mixing of students due to Covid-19 restrictions:

  • Monday – Cycling, Drumming, Girls’ Club, Music, Multi-Sports.
  • Tuesday- NYT Drama, Football Club.
  • Wednesday – Corali Dance Club, Cycling, Drama, Fitness, Girls’ Club, Multi-Sports.
  • Thursday – Book Binding, Cycling, Drumming, Girls’ Club, Multi-Sports, Step into Dance.
  • Friday – No Club.

Details of the clubs on offer are sent home with the students at the start of each term where they are able to choose which club they would like to attend. Upcoming news: We have Kinetika drumming joining our KS3 Clubs on a Monday in the spring term!

Breakfast Club:

A breakfast club is run each morning from 7.45 to 8.30, which is well attended both by pupils and staff. A choice of cereals, drinks, toast and a variety of toppings are provided at very reasonable prices. As well as pupils being provided with a good healthy breakfast to start the day, it is also a social occasion as they are able to chat with their friends.

Lunchtime Clubs:

Lunchtime clubs include: Rowing Club, Girls Football, Gymnastics Club, Sing & Sign (Friday). We regularly ask our school council for suggestions as to new clubs they would enjoy.

Price List:

  • Toast and spread 20p
  • Cereal 25p
  • Hot Drinks 25p
  • Fruit Juice 20p

After School Clubs:

Storytelling Workshops:

During Half term break the Speech and Language Therapy Service run Storytelling workshops with the help of Volunteers from RBS. In the Summer Holiday and February Half Term we run 4 days of storytelling workshops.

Film Club:

Every month we hold our Film Club after school. Suggestions for films are made by pupils through their School Council reps. Older pupils make, serve and sell refreshments as part of their enterprise education. An average of 40-50 pupils attend each film club