Pupil Progress 2018/19

Like most special schools, Highshore is changing its methods of assessment so as to better reflect recent changes in the National Curriculum. From January 2020 academic progress is no longer be measured using P levels, such as P6 or P8, and National Curriculum levels, such as 1A or 2B. Instead we will be using ‘Progression Steps’, in which progress will be measured on a scale of 1 to 10, and shown as a percentage, such as 20% of Progression Step 3, or 65% of Progression Step 6.

We are also developing measures of assessment to show progress in non-academic areas, such as: Communication and Interaction, Independence, Physical, Sensory, Social and Emotional Development. These will be introduced gradually and will offer a much fuller picture of pupil progression.


Pupil achievement – 2019-20, 2020-21.

The findings are based on an analysis of Progression Steps and cover the unusual period of the pandemic. A pupil is deemed to be achieving in line with expectation if their progress is 60% of a step across the two academic years (30% across one year for last year’s yr7), which is the comparative equivalent of the government’s former progression guidance standard.     

Pupil progression meeting or exceeding expectation

Overall percentages:

  •  Pupil premium pupils 91%  
  • All pupils 91%
  • LAC 100%
  • Boys 89%
  • Girls 94%

Percentage by Curriculum area:

  • Reading 97%
  • Writing 96%
  • Speaking & Listening 97%
  • Number 95%


  1. Internal or external moderation has not been in place for much of this period, however previous moderation rarely questioned tutor judgement.
  1. Base-lines set were in Progression Steps when this was introduced in at the outset of the assessment period in 2019, and these may have been conservative. However, progress is also excellent amongst last year’s yr7’s who were not here when the transition was made to Progression Steps.


Update 2019 

Within the first half term of joining Highshore, all pupils are formally assessed, at the appropriate level, in all aspects of Literacy and Maths. They are also assessed in their expressive and receptive language using a battery of tests which, like those for English and Maths, yield statistically valid measures of ability from 4 years, and from Level 1 of the National Curriculum.

All pupils are then assessed annually on the same formal basis, so as to ensure a statistically valid and objective assessment of their progression across KS3 and KS4. Accordingly, in each year progress is monitored against both the school entry baseline of year 7 and against the preceding academic year. The results are then fed into CASPA, which is used to compare Highshore progression with that of other similar students nationally. The findings from this assessment, together with the equivalent National Curriculum/P Levels, are passed to class teachers to provide them with baselines and guidance as to student progress and attainment.

B-Squared is also used as the tool for assessment in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Maths. Data from B-Squared provides a valuable compliment to the macro-measurement of student progression across the school. In particular it provides data for KS5 where results for SLD students are fed into CASPA; and for a small number of low ability KS3 and 4 students, who score less than the statistically valid measures on their annual tests of progression.​

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Pupil Progress Data Tables 2018/19

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  1. Reading

    Progress in 2018/19

    Progress in reading is consistently outstanding. Over the past six years there has been a pattern of outstanding achievement and in 2018/19 progress remained high 95% of student meeting or exceeding expected targets.
    Overall Pupil Progress in Reading KS3-4 (July 2019)

    Overall Yearly Progress in Reading

    Yearly Overall Reading Progress

  2. Writing

    Progress in 2018/19

    In 2018/19 achievement in writing was excellent with 91% of pupils equaled or bettered levels of expectation. 


    Overall Pupil Progress in Writing KS3-4 (July 2019)Overall Yearly Progress in Writing

    Yearly Overall Writing Progress in KS3-4


  3. Speaking and Listening

    Progress in 2018/19

    In the past six years achievement in Speaking and listening has been significant. In 2018/19 progress in Speaking and Listening is at it’s highest level for seven years, with 94% of students meeting or exceeding expectations.  


    Overall Pupil Progress in Speaking & Listening KS3-4 (July 2019)

    Overall Yearly Progress in Speaking & Listening

    Yearly Overall Speaking & Listening Progress in KS3-4

  4. Maths

    Progress in 2018/19

    Progress in Maths has continued to be outstanding in 2019 with 94% of pupils meeting or exceeding expectations. Pupils meeting or exceeding expectations progress has not dropped below 90% in seven years and in 2019 more students exceeded expectations that ever before.


    Overall Pupil Progress in Maths KS3-4 (July 2019)

    Overall Yearly Progress in Maths

    Yearly Overall Maths Progress in KS3-4

  5. 6th Form

    Key Stage 5 Progress 2018/19

    Pupils made excellent progress across all areas of the curriculum in 2018/19. Especially in reading and Maths where 98% of pupils either met or exceeded expected progress.  

    Overall Pupil Progress in Reading KS5 (July 2019)

    Overall Pupil Progress in Writing KS5 (July 2019)

    Overall Pupil Progress in Speaking & Listening KS5 (July 2019) Overall Pupil Progress in Maths KS5 (July 2019)

  6. Highshore is currently in the process of developing the way it evidences and collates pupil progress. Because of this we are unable to create data comparisons for 2018/19 in the following areas. The most recent data is from 2017/18

  7. SLD

    In KS5 SLD pupils continue to make outstanding progress. All pupils have met or exceeded expectations in Writing and Maths over the past two years.

    Overall progress learning difficulty LEARNING DIFF

    Overall progress ks5

    Overall progress KS5

    Yearly comparrison SLD Reading Yearly comparrison SLD Writing Yearly comparrison SLD S and L Yearly comparrison SLD Maths

  8. Gender

    Overall progress gender


    Yearly comparrison Boys

    Yearly progress Boys

    Yearly comparrison Girls

    Yearly progress Girls


  9. Pupil Premium


    Overall progress meals

  10. Ethnicity


Updated July 2018