Highshore offers the full range of national curriculum subjects throughout the school with an emphasis on developing skills in literacy, numeracy and personal and social development. The school offers personalised programmes of study specifically aimed at meeting the individual’s learning needs. Students with dyslexia and speech and language delay are offered specialised support.


In Key Stage 3 all our pupils start the day with literacy and numeracy taught by their form tutors.  They stay with their form tutors until 10.30am which enables them to feel settled in their form room.

After break pupils study other subjects taught by specialist teachers.  We teach the national curriculum subjects differentiate according to the needs of our pupils.  In Key Stage 3 we teach additional subjects such as social communication and lego therapy.

Health and wellbeing are important to us.  In addition to their PE lesson all pupils in Key Stage 3 have a weekly swimming lesson.

Class groups are usually no larger than nine pupils.

In addition to the normal curriculum we have four curriculum theme days each year where we address subjects such as business, careers and citizenships education.


Pupils in Key Stage 4 work towards a variety of accreditation and continue with national curriculum subjects.

New subjects are introduced in Key Stage 4 such as Enterprise Education and Work skills which prepares the pupils for their enterprise day in the Sixth Form.

In Key Stage 4 we encourage pupils to become self-reliant and to take responsibility for their learning.

Accreditation achieved includes:

  • English: WJEC Entry level English, WJEC Functional Skills in English)
  • Maths: WJEC Functional Skills
  • ICT: WJEC Functional Skills
  • Science: Edexcel Entry Level
  • WJEC Entry Pathways qualification. This is a modular qualification and students can gain an Award, Certificate or Diploma, depending on the number of modules achieved.  Students can be entered at entry level 1, 2, 3 or level 1 depending on their ability.  We expect students in KS4 to complete sufficient modules to achieve an award in the following qualifications


In the 6th form we aim to help students to develop academically, personally and socially, in preparation for a challenging and changing world. We focus on students being able to apply their communication and life skills in school, at home and in the community to enable them to achieve as much independence as possible.

We have created an exciting and dynamic curriculum that provides our students aged 16 – 19 with opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge through a core curriculum of work related learning, enterprise education, and a college link course.

Students are placed in tutor groups and are taught in these groups on the days when they are in school. Work experience and college link placements are personalised and students may work alongside other 6th form students not in their tutor group. This structure provides 6th form students with the opportunity to develop social relationships mix with a wider number of students.

Work related learning

We offer a wide range of on and off site work experience placements for students and we personalise provision to meet individual student’s strengths and interests. Highshore School has a dedicated Work Experience coordinator, Dom Fryer, who liaises closely with placement providers, families and support staff to ensure placements are successful. Click here to visit our Work Experience page

College link course

6th form students can attend a 1 day link course a local College in preparation for a college placement when they leave Highshore School. We currently access courses at Southwark College



All students working at entry levels 1, 2 & 3 can gain a WJEC Entry Pathways qualification, which can be achieved at three levels (Award, Certificate and Diploma). Functional skills in maths, English and ICT are an integral part of many of the Entry Pathways modules we offer in Art, Drama, Enterprise, English, food tech, PE and work related learning.

Students in KS5 continue to work towards achieving an Award, Certificate or Diploma in the following qualifications:

  • Personal Progress (only for students working at entry level 1)
  • Personal and social development
  • Preparing for work
  • Creative media and performance arts

Additional qualifications offered at KS5

  • Independent Living
  • Additional English
  • Mathematics
  • ICT: WJEC Functional skills.

Planning for transition at 19

We use a variety of communication methods to ensure that all students are able to contribute in the creation of their Education Health Care plan, which is an important part of planning for a successful transition from Highshore School.  We work with local colleges and social care providers to plan for successful student transition at 19.