Business Links Day 2018

Business Links Day

Every year at Highshore classes take a whole school day out for Business Links Day. It is a day when our students can visit and talk to different organisations about their jobs. This helps our students get a better understanding of the world of work.
Aims of the Day
 For pupils to visit a part of the capital they may not have visited
 To develop their independent travel skills
 To meet new people and interact appropriately
 To find out about the organisation they are visiting
 Understand their skills – encouraging pupils to think about their own skills and how they could get a job.

Many thanks to the following organisations for this years day: Twitter UK, Go Ahead London, ZPG, Surrey Docks Farm, Peckham Police Station, Blue Elephant Theatre, Veolia Southwark Recycling Centre, National Theatre, Cafe Van Gogh, Lewisham Shopping Centre, Just Hospitality, Groove School, Ikea and Pizza Express.