Survey Feedback

Every summer we ask our pupils to complete a questionnaire so that we can find out how they feel about many aspects of school life. Pupil feedback is discussed by the school’s Senior Leadership Team, Governors and School Council. Click on the links below to view feedback charts


Quotes From Parents/Carers

Parent and Carer Survey Feedback Charts

 The response this year was much better than last year with 114 parents and carers responding, compared to 104 last year, 86 in 2016 and 73 in 2015. It is clear to see that the majority of responses were positive, with parents strongly agreeing (dark green) or agreeing (light green).

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2018

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2017

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2016

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2016: Female Pupil Results 

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2016: Male Pupil Results 

Parent and Carer Survey Autumn/Summer 2015

Pupil Questionnaire Feedback Charts

 134 out of 138 pupils completed the Student Questionnaire in July 2018.  This year 86% of students agreed that they enjoy their lessons, this higher than last year (83%) and 2015 (82%) and only slightly lower than 2016 (88%).

Student feedback included the lessons they liked:

“Drama, enterprise – going to the shops” , “PE, ICT”, “I like drawing and working English and Math” , “swimming” , “I like drama. I like PE. … I like craft. I like English”.

They also suggested lessons they would like to do more of:

“I would like more PE lessons”, “More maths lessons”, “More Lego”, “having more PE, Lego therapy”, “More computing inside every Friday. More science and maths”, “More art, more science and more cooking”, “More cooking going to the café and going to the shops”, “More maths. Tell the time”, “More enterprise, more PSHE, more choir”, “More science lessons”, “More music”, “More maths, more cooking”.

And some changes they would make or new lessons:

“I would like harder maths and literacy”, “I would like archery”, “Little bit of different lessons”, “double lesson in yoga every Friday and Wednesday”, “Swimming lessons in 6th form”.

Pupil Questionnaire July 2018

Pupil Questionnaire July 2017

Pupil Questionnaire July 2016

Pupil Questionnaire July 2015