Survey Feedback

Every summer we ask our pupils to complete a questionnaire so that we can find out how they feel about many aspects of school life. Pupil feedback is discussed by the school’s Senior Leadership Team, Governors and School Council. Click on the links below to view feedback charts

Student feedback included the lessons they liked and wanted more of:

“I like lessons”, “I like PE and Art”, “more lessons like drama and PE”, “more art, food tech and swimming”, ) “double maths and more yoga” “I enjoy my school work, I want to do all the lessons to do my work”, “I would like to learn some new things like life skills and how to create your own business and finance”

Students made suggestions to improve the playground:

 “Bikes at break time”, “more scooters” , “More games in the playground, snakes and ladders” , “Move exercising things outside” , “Run around the playground and play drums” , “More space in the playground to hang around” , “Seesaw” , “6th form cinema club for when it’s wet break” and “More sharing scooters, football and electric scooters”

Parent and Carer Survey Feedback Charts

The response was excellent this year with 121 parents responding (84%),  It is clear to see that the majority of responses were positive, with parents strongly agreeing (dark green) or agreeing (light green). 

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2019

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2018

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2017

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2016

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2016: Female Pupil Results 

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2016: Male Pupil Results 

Parent and Carer Survey Autumn/Summer 2015

Pupil Questionnaire Feedback Charts

 142 out of 144 pupils completed the Student Questionnaire in July 2019. 

Pupil Questionnaire July 2019

Pupil Questionnaire July 2018

Pupil Questionnaire July 2017

Pupil Questionnaire July 2016

Pupil Questionnaire July 2015