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Below are some categorising activities and matching games based on our Signs of the Week

Signs of the Week

signs of the weekClick the image to view our signs of the week and other signing videos

Semantic Links

Here are some exercises for pupils to try out at home. Parent/carers, please read the instructions below then watch the videos with the young people and pause before the answers.

1.Pupils are to identify which words go together i.e. dog, cat, book – dog and cat – (circle will show correct answers)

2.Then required to explain why i.e. they’re both animals, they both have four legs, they both have tails.

Why can be:

  • Category i.e. animal, vehicle, clothes
  • Features i.e. number of legs, both green – descriptive characteristics.
  • Use i.e. you open them, you clean with them, you wash with them, brush your hair
  • Place i.e. found in a park, found in a kitchen, use in bathroom

N.B if the pupil finds this difficult, model the ‘why’ explanation and try another.

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