Pupil Progress

Within the first half term of joining Highshore, all pupils are formally assessed, at the appropriate level, in all aspects of Literacy and Maths using ‘Progress in English and Progress in Maths’. They are also assessed in their expressive and receptive language using a battery of tests which, like those for English and Maths, yield statistically valid measures of ability from 4 years, and from Level 1 of the National Curriculum.

All pupils are then assessed annually on the same formal basis, so as to ensure a statistically valid and objective assessment of their progression across KS3 and KS4. Accordingly, in each year progress is monitored against both the school entry baseline of year 7 and against the preceding academic year. The results are then fed into CASPA, which is used to compare Highshore progression with that of other similar students nationally. The findings from this assessment, together with the equivalent National Curriculum/P Levels, are passed to class teachers to provide them with baselines and guidance as to student progress and attainment.

B-Squared is also used as the tool for assessment in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Maths. Data from B-Squared provides a valuable compliment to the macro-measurement of student progression across the school. In particular it provides data for KS5 where results for SLD students are fed into CASPA; and for a small number of low ability KS3 and 4 students, who score less than the statistically valid measures on their annual tests of progression.

New Data added of 2016/17 academic year (updated 24/07/17)

Please click on a title to view progress pupils have made against their year 7 base-lines from 2012-2017.

  1. Reading

    Progress in reading is consistently outstanding. Over the past four years there has been a pattern of outstanding achievement. In the course of the academic year ending in the summer of 2013 98% of all pupils achieved in line with, or bettered their peers nationally, with 98% exceeding expectations.

    In 2014 98% of pupils equaled, or bettered expected levels of progress.

    In 2015 98% equaled or bettered expectations with 81% exceeding expected levels of progress.

    In 2016 progress remained high with 96% of pupils meeting or exceeding expectations.

    In 2017, 97% of progression again equaled or bettered expectation.

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  2. Writing

    In 2016/17 achievement in writing was outstanding, 91% of pupils equaled or bettered levels of expectations, maintaining a consistently high level of progress.

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  3. Maths

    In 2016/17 progress in Maths was outstanding.

    All pupils 100% met or exceeded expectations, with 80% of pupils exceeding national expectations.

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  4. Speaking and Listening

    In the past three years achievement in Speaking and listening has been significant. In 2014/15 over 90% of pupils equaled or bettered expectations with 60% exceeding expected levels; improvement continued in 2015/16 with 92% of meeting or exceeding expectations, and in 2016/17 91% of pupil progression met or exceeded expectation.

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  5. SLD Students

    In KS5 SLD pupils continue to make outstanding progress. As of the end of 2017 all SLD pupils in years 13 and 14 equalled or exceeded expectation in all areas; and in year 12 they all exceeded expectation in Writing and in Maths, with 89% equalling or exceeding or expectation in Reading and in Speaking and Listening.

    CASPA comparison of progress vs expectations SLD VERSUS MLD-thumbnail

    SLD Progress 2016-17
    SLD Progress update 15-16






  6. Gender

    CASPA comparison of progress vs expectations GENDER-thumbnail

    In 2015/16, 91% of girls met or bettered expectations, with 45% exceeding expectations. For Boys the progression was comparable to last year with 95% meeting or exceeding expectations.

      Girls Progress 2014/15 Girls Progress 2013/14
     Boys Progress 2014/15  Boys Progress 2013/14  
  7. Pupil Premium

    CASPA comparison of progress vs expectations LA CARE-thumbnail

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  8. Ethnicity

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