Pupils in KS4+5 have opportunities for developing their compositional skills in music using iPads and Garageband.

The Southwark Music Service has helped us develop exciting new resources in this area, and pupils are able to work in small groups and at their own pace, to create music and have a chance to save their work onto the Highshore Soundcloud Page. Some of their pieces are showcased in assemblies and can be used as a basis for further multi-media work in Art/Design & ICT.


LUNCHTIME MUSIC (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1.00-1.15pm)

Pupils have opportunities to develop their musical skills in keyboard playing in the music room and small groups of 2/ 3 may use the Music Practice room to play Drum Kit.




The Drumming Club takes place after school on Thursdays and is open to all pupils who show an aptitude and interest in ensemble playing. We have a full set of Brazilian Samba percussion and the focus is on learning to play with good rhythmic control and developing awareness of the different beats within the genres of samba/reggae/funk.

Pupils get a chance to work towards performances at the end of the year and build a repertoire of pieces.

Kinetika Bloco has helped us build a solid foundation for performing, through regular workshops, ‘taster’ sessions and whole day workshops [which have also included a dance component]

Their mentors now include some of Highshore’s ‘ex-pupils’ who regularly come back to work alongside our current participants.



“The Kinetika Bloco is a performance group with an exuberant mix of young brass and woodwind players, drummers, steel pan and dynamic dancers all in costume creating a “unique new British Carnival sound with a decidedly London edge” (BBC Radio2).

The Bloco draws on young people aged 14-25 from mainly south London schools, and has developed a vibrant ethos to engage budding performers from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. A strong feature is the team building and inclusive approach whereby young musicians can develop at their own pace whilst being inspired by the high standards expected of them.

9 Pupils from Highshore took part in the Kinetika Bloco Junior Summer School 2016. The  4 day event event took place at Holy Trinity Primary School, in Tulse Hill.

120 young people took part and worked hard to produce an exciting performance, with drumming, brass, woodwind, steel pans and dance.

The Highshore crew excelled themselves, with 1 pupil, joining the dance group and the others playing in the drum section. This was a great success as the youngsters were able to make new friends as well as work to a high musical standard.

Well done to Peter, Rayne, Isaac, Shomari, Runnel, Victor, Baffou, Bradley and Jesse .