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In the interest of online safety, if your young person is unsure of any of the login details below, please contact the class staff through the home/school book, by letter or phone.

  • Purple Mash

    PURPLE MASH has a vast range of resources linked to the work we do with your young people. The activities are far ranging so every young person is able to gain a positive learning experience.

    There are a wide range of topics and games ranging from computer paint based design to book reviews to news reports.

    To access Purple Mash the username and password is the same login as pupils use at school.

    The login usernames are worked out to the following formula:

    • The year they started Highshore
    • The pupil’s first name
    • The pupil’s surname initial.

    So if Mike Barrett started Highshore in 2016 it would look like this: 2016mikeb

    Username: Please ask your tutor for Login details or Mike Barrett

  • Education City

    The EDUCATION CITY website is another fantastic facility for the population of Highshore to embed their learning in literacy, numeracy and computing.

    Please contact the school via home/school book to request passwords for Education City

  • Espresso Coding

    The students have also been learning to code games and apps in ICT through the ESPRESSO CODING website.

    If you and your child is interested in taking their learning further then just click the link picture above

    Please contact the school via home/school book to request passwords for Espresso Coding