Wednesday 10th June – Dragon’s Den Day

 Today the whole school took part in Dragon’s Den day. It was a brilliant day! Classes spent the morning coming up with ideas and preparing their presentations. The Dragon’s had a really hard time deciding which projects to fund, All the classes came up with exciting ideas.The theme of the day was “Make breaktime better” The enthusiasm of the young people was infectious. The Dragon’s spent time with every class and had a lot of discussion around which projects to fund. Winning ideas include: a sound tube in the playground, an ice pops business, a graffiti wall, and table football! Huge thanks go to our Dragons: Joan Forrest (Southwark HR), Gary Hugman (AXIS Recruitment agency), Pritesh Ghedia (ICT Educational Services) and to Governors: Gun Akyuz, Jo Dawson and Shane Holland who worked alongside the Dragons all day. A short blog cannot describe the fun and work that took place today!