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London Youth Games

LYGxSG-Fitness-Challenges-Web LYG will be releasing weekly fitness challenges throughout the Spring Term to help keep you active during lockdown.

A new challenge will be released every Monday at 9.00am via their website and social media channels. You will have until Friday at 12.00pm to complete the challenge and submit your score.

Complete the challenges to earn points and help your borough climb the leaderboard. We will provide weekly updates, and at the end of Spring Term, the winning borough will be announced. Share your challenge attempts with us on social media using #ThisIsLYG

London PE and School Sports Network


A reminder that the PE and School Sports Network’s next LIVE PE lesson will be next Tuesday 9th February from 1.30 till 2.15pm. Next week’s lesson will focus on speed reactions, co-ordination and accuracy using a tennis/sponge ball or sock and small cones/markers and paper. You can take part in any adequate space size depending on numbers including classrooms and at home. Remember the lessons are suitable for ALL ages across EYFS and the key stages.

To access the lessons, simply click onto the link below using your computer or mobile app

Good Days and Bad Days in Lockdown

Discussion starter pictures for families to talk about their time in lockdown

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Fitness Videos

 Joe Wicks is a well known fitness coach that aims for all to reach their full fitness potential. He  will be leading online P.E. classes for children staying home from school. Families across the country can tune in to his YouTube account to join in live,  the workouts last 30 minutes each and start at 9am from Monday – Friday

Joe Wicks 

At these difficult times we must remember to look after not only our physical health but our mental health. Click the button to find some useful resources Coronavirus: Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources